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Healthy Starts Here

Wellness of Mind & Body

Welcome to Prossage Wellness

Wellness Specialists

Dedicated to wellness of both mind and body our massage, acupuncture and skincare services promote balance and relaxation.

Using traditional techniques and eco-sourced products that nurture, heal and enhance daily performance, Prossage is a Hartford favorite and frequent “Best of” award winner since 2006.

Your relaxation starts before you even come through our door. By offering a basic menu of traditional services we are able to provide convenience, quality and the best service for you. We believe treatments should not just feel good but also enhance daily performance in your life.

No spa attitude, no studio dogma, Prossage has become known as the place where you can "Just Be". Take comfort in knowing our therapists come with years of knowledge and experience. So come on in, enjoy a soak in hot tub or relax poolside and take in a beautiful view of the Connecticut River before or after your session.

Why Prossage

Why Prossage?

What makes us different

Organic Products

If you care about what you put into you body, then you should consider what you put onto your body. The skin is your bodies largest organ. Everything we put onto our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream, and is circulated through our system. Our choice at Prossage is to use products that are organic or environmentally sustainable, free of harmful agrochemicals and GMOs.


We try to leave a small footprint by recycling and using sustainable products as much as possible and have been in a green certified building 2010.

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You will find no up charge for deep tissue. Its all relative, whats deep to you may not feel deep to someone else or you may just like deeper work on maybe just your shoulders. Should that be an additional charge? Of course not! And when did it become vogue to shorten an hour to 50 minutes or "spa hour"? Your sessions at Prossage will be for the full length of time.


Our version of fair trade. Fair should be not only for the client, staff, and company but for community too. Each one of our staff receive two full paid days each year so they may volunteer time to work for community, environmental, and social functions. Prossage is also active in charitable giving and non-­‐profit support of both local and global organizations.

Your Health Starts Here

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200 Columbus Blvd: 22nd Floor Hartford, CT 06103

(located in the Marriott)

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