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Massage Packages

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At Prossage Wellness we understand how stressful daily life can be, also how fun it can be pushing to achieve our personal best.  Our massage and acupuncture services focus on relieving stress and encouraging overall health and well being allowing you to feel and perform your best. 

Zen Massage

Deeply rooted in traditional Swedish massage this light to medium depth massage gently eases through muscle aches letting anxiety and stress melt away. Allowing the body to relax and the mind a higher state of consciousness. One of calm, peace, happiness and joy.

30 Min. $50 ~ 1 Hour $85 ~ 1.5 Hour $125 ~ 2 Hour $165

3 Hour Promo Package $225

Add On: Touch of Warmth Hot Towels $12 (per session) Essential Oils $10 (per session)

Restorative Massage

A unique blend of Eastern and Western massage that soothes and eases tension working the muscles at medium to firm depth.  Working with firm pressure and focused more specifically on tight areas and aggravating knots that arise time to time from a stressful week , workouts or even just plain ol’ just slept wrong. 

30 Min. $50 ~ 1 Hour $85 ~ 1.5 Hour $125 ~ 2 Hour $165

3 Hour Promo Package $225

Add: Deep Tissue & Advanced Technique Work $15 (per hour)

Touch of Warmth Hot Towels $12 (per session) Essential Oils $10 (per session)

The Reset

Ahhhh, harmony in Hartford.  A Zen or Restorative massage followed with an acupuncture session. An ethereal journey, euphoric yet grounding; balance between body and mind. Truly a healing experience!

2 Hour $170 ~ 2.5 Hours $210

Couples Massage

Relax and enjoy our Zen, Restorative or Ashiatsu Massage in one of the most beautiful couples massage rooms in the state. After your session soak in the hot tub and lounge poolside while taking in the magnificent view of the Connecticut River from the 22nd floor.

1 Hour $170 ~ 1.5 Hour $250

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Bars mounted to the ceiling allows your therapist to apply firm to deep pressure using their feet. Your muscles will melt when they feel the broad, deep, smooth luxurious pressure of Ashi (Foot) Atsu (Pressure) massage.

1 Hour $100 ~ 1.5 Hour $150

Hot Stone Massage

You’ll feel like lava after the warmth and weight of the stones allow your tension and stress to melt away.

1 Hour $130

Pregnancy Massage

Improve posture and lessen stress during pregnancy. Help minimize the discomfort of hip, low back pain, sore calfs, swollen ankles and feet. 

Helping you to maintain the healthiest environment for you and baby. 

1 Hour Pregnancy Massage $100

On-site Chair Massage

Available for your employee, customer service or sporting events events.

Several options to choose from for your corporate wellness programs.

Services By Appointment Only

Subject To Availability

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